February Update


Our bumblebees have been very busy this month with lots of different activities going on.  We have been exploring different media and materials, such as table painting, play dough and multicoloured spaghetti play. When we had the snow showers we brought some of the snow into the room for the children to see and feel, this allowed the children to explore with their hands and some children even tasted it!


On Valentine’s Day we decorated biscuits for our loved ones and ourselves! We used different coloured icing, each child chose the colour they wanted and did a great job decorating their own biscuit. They found this extremely hard as most of them just wanted to gobble up the biscuit themselves – they did look scrummy!

Ladybirds and Butterflies

In February our book of the month was ‘One Mole Digging a Hole’. The children became very engaged with the story – counting along, starting to recognise their numbers, encouraging their participation as their confidence grew. As a result of this we saw a corresponding increase in the children using numbers spontaneously in their play.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with the children making their own dragons and taking part in a dragon dance.

At the start of February, we were visited by the ‘Beast from the East’. We made sure to make the most of the opportunity – making and throwing snowballs and building mini snowmen.