June/July & August Update

Bumblebee room update

In June, we started our new book of the month, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children have become very engaged with the story, focusing well, joining in with key phrases, counting the fruits and starting to develop an understanding of the life cycle of a butterfly.

They have loved the arrival of our very own caterpillars and have closely monitored their growth as well as showing an amazing level of care when watching or holding the container. We are very excited for their next steps after linking some creative activities to our story about caterpillars and butterflies to really imbed their knowledge and understanding of lifecycles.

This month we have enjoyed exploring what we can do with water. The children have made their own choices by selecting resources to use to explore the water. The practitioners have also added paint/ food colouring and bubbles to make changes too. We also had water in the garden and enjoyed a nice snack after.

July  – Making Smoothies


The children have enjoyed playing alongside their peers selecting different fruits to make real yummy smoothies!

We allowed the children to push the button on the blender which helps encourage their technical skills.

Butterflies Room news

The butterflies have also been exploring a range of materials and resources to mix and talk about.  These include coloured paint and gloop, coloured ice, bugs and sensory shapes.

Our story of the month is ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ which the children join in with and like to guess what is going to happen next. As part of the story of the month we have set up sensory trays that the children have been investigating with while the story has been read

Finally a big well done to all of our new Butterflies that have come down from Bumblebee, you have all begun to learn new routines , explore new toys and make new relationships with the staff and your peers.

Ladybirds Room news



Ladybirds have been very busy this month! We have made a start with our under the sea display and the children have had great fun making sticky seaweed and handprint jellyfish.

In the garden we have worked as a team to build an obstacle course using the tyres and building blocks. The children had great fun practicing their balancing and jumping skills. Every morning we have been practicing our phonics and the children have had some great ideas when we talked about different sounds.

July has been super hot!

We have been using trays of sand and glitter to practice making the letters of our names.  The children have also been using their imaginations to build a train with the chairs inside! We had great fun chatting about where the train was going and the children were fantastic at taking turns to drive.

In the heat of the month we also had our annual sports day which the children enjoyed and all took part in. The children all did so well at varies races and it was great to see them cheering on their friends.


Graduation 2018

With the end of year fast approaching, we have to end with on a sad note, as our preschool children have left us to start their new adventure at “big school”. With some of the children only being with us for a short period of time, the staff and I have seen them all grow in confidence and are all truly going to missed at the nursery. We wish them well for the future!