Happy Halloween

October has been a busy month for us and the children as we have introduced some changes to the nursery and their routines.

With the introduction of a new nursery uniform to the children in the Butterflies and ladybirds room, we felt that is was a great way of uniting the nursery together. we also saw it as a way of making life easier for all you parents in the morning as well. Ha Ha!  The children have really taken to the uniform making them look very smart indeed. We also felt that having a uniform will get the children school ready for when they transition to primary school. With the school readiness in mind we have also introduced a self registration to the children as a way of them recognising their own name and getting familiar with the letters in their name. The children register every morning and afternoon.


As this is a spooky month of ghost and ghouls the children have been exploring their spooky senses! They have enjoyed making cakes using their motor skills to help mix up all their ingredients and of course they really enjoyed tasting them after. The Bumblebees have also had lots of touchy; feely experiences such as pasta worms and shaving foam with food colouring to help with their  physical development, exploring objects in a variety of ways.


The older children have also been practising their fine motor skills by hammering in matchsticks into the pumpkins and using pinchers grips to pick them up and hold them.

  Happy Halloween everyone.



September Update – Our 1st birthday

September started with a big party for us as we celebrated our 1st birthday.


We also welcomed lots of new children to the nursery in September and they have all settled in rather well.

This month we also saw the introduction of our weekly dance class with Cora Theatres. The children are all learning how to move to the music and dance in groups…

We also had our first annual summer fate with a special guest appearance from Belle herself….


The children have also been busy role playing in the home corner from…..


Looking for new equipment…

To placing the order…

Going out for Lunch….

Preparing the food and the table…

To sitting down and enjoying a nice meal with friends….