May Update

Bumblebee Room Update 

Whilst making the most of the sunshine we ventured out to the local park. We had lots of fun on the roundabout, the slide and climbing frame. We went on the swings, seesaw and climbed through the train tube. We explored our Physical skills – squatting, negotiating spaces building our special awareness skills, climbing and running. We also used our Personal, Social and Emotional skills taking turns, sharing, smiling, eye contact and observing whilst developing and using keywords. We explored our surroundings, Understanding the World and  looking at our environment on the way to the park seeing the cars, people, buildings and trees around us.  We were also being careful in the sunshine with our sun cream, sunhats and drinks.


We celebrated St Patrick’s Day and National Flag Day.

We invited our families to join in to decorate four leaf clovers.  We used lollipop sticks, glitter and glue. This is good for our hand eye co-ordination. Using our concentration and direction skills to make sure the glue went onto the clovers.

We decorated various flags for America’s national Flag Day. We named the different coloured felt tips. Choosing what colours we wanted to use. This supports the children with recognising and naming the colours. The children used their whole hand grasp. These are not just creative activities but it helps develop physical skills, promotes communication and languages skills using key and simple words.

We celebrated the Royal Wedding with Butterflies and Ladybirds in true British fashion with an afternoon tea garden party! We made our own crowns and ate homemade muffins with tea.


Butterflies Room news


The children have enjoyed developing their motor skills with the scissors, particularly with cutting the herbs and bluebells.  This has also allowed the children to explore their senses with the various smells.

This month we have also enjoyed celebrating Peppa Pig’s muddy puddle walk by splashing in our own muddy puddles and making footprints. We made the most of the weather by making mud pies afterwards and playing with our peers outside.



Ladybirds Room news

Ladybirds have been very busy strengthening their fine motor skills with the Geoboards (elastic band nail boards). They have been very creative when using them, making all types of shapes with one child even made and named a hexagon! Another child made a house using only one band! Very impressive! This strengthens their pincer grip (thumb and fore finger), hand eye co-ordination. This extends the children’s learning with their math’s skills, recognising shapes – looking at the environment around us with the similar shapes we can see i.e. a door is a rectangle.


We have introduced a new ‘job board’ for the children in Ladybirds. It is a fun way of encouraging life skills and routines to the children, as it helps develop their choice and decision making. At the start of the day, during self registration – the children sing their morning welcome song, and then choose what area of the room they are going to be responsible for when it comes to tidying up. There are pictures of the areas of the room on the board. The children find their own name and place it against the picture of the area they wish to help tidy up. The children have taken well to this and cooperate with this new concept well working well as a team. This encourages the children’s Personal, Social and Emotional skills.

The children have enjoyed using the computer. It encourages turn taking, co operating with boundaries set, recognition of numbers and letters and general ICT skills needed to operate a programme on the computer. The children have also been making some amazing pictures on the computer as well.


March Update.


To celebrate Mother’s Day the children created beautiful flower cards using their hands as the petals and pictures of themselves as the middle of the flower. The children enjoyed making these as it involved a gooey sensory experience getting their hands into the paint.

World book day was celebrated throughout the nursery with the children dressing up as their favourite book characters. We had Peter Pan, pirates and princesses. The children enjoyed listening to their favourite books at story time.

Butterflies and Ladybirds

Our book of the month for March is Piranha don’t eat Bananas by Aaron Blabey. Brian the Piranha loves bananas. He tries to convince his friends to try some fruits and vegetables, but they prefer chomping on people’s feet, knees and bums! He keeps asking them until they finally give in and try a fruit platter. Will his friends like it and switch to eating more fruits and veggies? The story is a fun and cheeky rhyming book which encourages children to try new things and embrace their individuality.

We started March off with World Book day. It was amazing seeing the children dressed as their favourite characters and bringing in their special stories from home.

For Mothers Day this year we made special cards with flowers on. We planted bulbs in decorated pots to give as presents. We have really enjoyed hearing the children telling us about the bulbs which have begun to sprout.


In March we also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. We celebrated in true messy style with our festive green, sparkly foam in the garden.

February Update


Our bumblebees have been very busy this month with lots of different activities going on.  We have been exploring different media and materials, such as table painting, play dough and multicoloured spaghetti play. When we had the snow showers we brought some of the snow into the room for the children to see and feel, this allowed the children to explore with their hands and some children even tasted it!


On Valentine’s Day we decorated biscuits for our loved ones and ourselves! We used different coloured icing, each child chose the colour they wanted and did a great job decorating their own biscuit. They found this extremely hard as most of them just wanted to gobble up the biscuit themselves – they did look scrummy!

Ladybirds and Butterflies

In February our book of the month was ‘One Mole Digging a Hole’. The children became very engaged with the story – counting along, starting to recognise their numbers, encouraging their participation as their confidence grew. As a result of this we saw a corresponding increase in the children using numbers spontaneously in their play.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with the children making their own dragons and taking part in a dragon dance.

At the start of February, we were visited by the ‘Beast from the East’. We made sure to make the most of the opportunity – making and throwing snowballs and building mini snowmen.

Happy Halloween

October has been a busy month for us and the children as we have introduced some changes to the nursery and their routines.

With the introduction of a new nursery uniform to the children in the Butterflies and ladybirds room, we felt that is was a great way of uniting the nursery together. we also saw it as a way of making life easier for all you parents in the morning as well. Ha Ha!  The children have really taken to the uniform making them look very smart indeed. We also felt that having a uniform will get the children school ready for when they transition to primary school. With the school readiness in mind we have also introduced a self registration to the children as a way of them recognising their own name and getting familiar with the letters in their name. The children register every morning and afternoon.


As this is a spooky month of ghost and ghouls the children have been exploring their spooky senses! They have enjoyed making cakes using their motor skills to help mix up all their ingredients and of course they really enjoyed tasting them after. The Bumblebees have also had lots of touchy; feely experiences such as pasta worms and shaving foam with food colouring to help with their  physical development, exploring objects in a variety of ways.


The older children have also been practising their fine motor skills by hammering in matchsticks into the pumpkins and using pinchers grips to pick them up and hold them.

  Happy Halloween everyone.



September Update – Our 1st birthday

September started with a big party for us as we celebrated our 1st birthday.


We also welcomed lots of new children to the nursery in September and they have all settled in rather well.

This month we also saw the introduction of our weekly dance class with Cora Theatres. The children are all learning how to move to the music and dance in groups…

We also had our first annual summer fate with a special guest appearance from Belle herself….