Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Ho Ho Ho post our letters and to the North Pole they go!

We had lots of messy fun this month making our post box for our friends to post their Christmas cards.  We also enjoyed making lots of festive decorations for our mummy’s and daddy’s, exploring different textures and using lots of different techniques when doing so.

With Christmas fast approaching and the children getting into the festive spirit, Bumblebees starting decorating their room using all of the sensory equipment available. They loved using the sensory light buttons to turn the lights on and off. We used this experience to explore our ICT skills and also to learn about the different colours at the same time. Ladybirds and Butterflies started the month by decorating the christmas tree.


By using glitter, the children have shown a great interest in mark making, forming letters and drawing pictures which have all been on display around the room to help encourage their interest and to promote a sense of pride in their work. All of the children practiced our very special Christmas story ‘ A Monkey Puzzle Christmas’ which was filled with some of our favourite Christmas songs. We enjoyed making a variety of exciting seasonal activities and have been busy making lots of arts and crafts for our mummy and daddy’s.

Mince pies

With the cooking classes taking place what other way to enjoy Christmas cooking then to make your very own mince pies. The children sat, listened and watched Christine very carefully before attempting to make their own mince pies. Once they were cooked the children ate them as a treat for their pudding after lunch.



Christmas party


What other way to celebrate an ending to a great year then to have a Christmas party. With a special guest appearance from the main man himself the children had a wonderful time. Thank you to all of the parents who took time out at this busy time of year to come and have some fun at the nursery with the children and staff.