Bumblebee news


Bumblebees have been exploring their colours through using both paints and crayons. They have looked at numbers, singing various rhymes which involve counting by rote, so they become familiar with hearing the numbers in order. Such as – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I caught a fish alive and 5 little ducks went swimming one day


In the sensory room they have been exploring the lights. The different fairy lights on the ceiling, the mood cubes which change colour at various speeds, the bubble fish tube and the shakers. Bumblebees have used their sense of touch, playing with the shaving foam, exploring the feeling of it, the texture and different items we’ve hidden in it.



Bumblebees created lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year, the year of the Tiger ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi’ We explored ‘Under the Sea’ by rescuing different fish from ‘rubbish’ such as tissue paper, bottle tops, bubble wrap in the sea water Following on from colour mixing in January, we added fuzzy Pom poms to coloured water (using food colouring) and saw how they looked a darker colour in the water as to being out of the water.

We also celebrated Valentines Day and the month of love by creating cards for our families, our love birds display and heart shaped biscuits.

Ladybird & Butterflies Room news January


Ladybirds and Butterflies celebrated Burns Night through reading poems, painting kilts and bagpipes.


To help us explore our differences and similarities we painted self portraits using mirrors. We talked about our emotions and how our facial expressions let others know how we feel. We have been practicing our numbers and sounds through play. We have completed puzzles, counted objects and we are becoming familiar with recognising and forming numbers. We have used our maths skills through sorting objects in sizes and ordering them from largest to smallest.

Ladybirds have begun to familiarize themselves with forming letters in their name and Butterflies, to recognise their names in self registration. Our topic this month has been transport, we have looked at different types of transport there are which we use to travel and explore. We have shared with each other the places we have been and how we got there.

Ladybirds and butterflies have looked at Emergency services who help us and how.


For toothache day we practiced brushing teeth on model teeth. Ladybirds and Butterflies spoke about foods which are healthy and unhealthy for our teeth.

For Valentine’s Day, they made cards for those who are special to them. Ladybirds and butterflies used their hands to make the hearts Our topic this month has been Under the sea. Ladybirds and Butterflies had great fun exploring different textures and finding different numbers on rocks ‘Under the sea’. They made fish shaped biscuits and their very own mermaids and whales.

We spoke about our Pets and shared the pictures of our pets, what they are, their names, what they look like and what noises they make for Love your Pet Day Ladybirds and Butterflies painted on various surfaces such as tin foil and cling film. They mixed the colours together experimenting what they could make. To extend this further, they pressed paper  down on top of the pattern they created to make a print of their patterns.