Bumblebee Room news


We explored different activities with spooky spiders in tissue paper to finding things in the giant shaving foam cobweb.

Nursery Rhyme week

Bumblebees have been sharing nursery rhymes, learning actions and key words. They were busy painting stars and colouring sheep.

People who help us

Bumblebees decorated pictures of Police officers, Fire officers, lifeguards, dinner ladies, nurses and doctors. We used noises for the different engines and keywords and short sentences about the various people.

Sensory room

Bumblebees have been exploring various textures and items. Self-soothing and regulating emotions with various sensory items. (Sensory bottle, gloves, textured wall and mood cubes) They watered the vegetables and herbs in the garden and smelt the rosemary and sage. Bumblebees used different textures of fabrics to decorate things for the room, using more of their senses
and fine motor skills. They experimented different ways to paint using their hands, sponges, toothbrushes and cotton buds.

World science week

We experimented with different activities. We made a mini volcano and saw the explosion! We also mixed different colours of paint to make different marks and see what colours we could create ourselves.

Ladybird & Butterflies Room news


Ladybirds and Butterflies created monsters out of toilet rolls. We used wiggly eyes, felt tip pens, buttons,
feathers and tissue paper. They had fun playing with water and scooped out spiders, eyeballs and
skeletons! Spooky shaving foam with orange paint, spiders and eyeballs in it!


Ladybirds and Butterflies decorated candles with paint and glitter. Cards were decorated with handprints.


We created pictures using fine motor skills, spreading glue onto black paper sprinkling glitter for the sparkly effect for the various patterns. Sparklers were created using bread sticks, melted chocolate (dairy and soya free for our dietary requirements) and dipping them in sprinkles!

World science day.

Ladybirds and Butterflies created different experiments. They created their own lava lamp with oil and food colouring. They observed how the food colouring moved around in the oil joining together to make new colours.

Nursery rhyme week.

We made our own stars for ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’, cooked our very own currant buns and explored Old MacDonald’s farm in the tough tray.

Road safety week.

Very importantly Ladybirds and butterflies practiced using a pelican crossing and traffic lights which we painted in the garden. Waiting after we pressed the button – when the red man was there and when it turned green, we could cross. We used a lollipop man puppet to help us cross the road too. We also matched two halves of different road signs together to create the sign. We discussed the different signs together and what they are for and what they mean.