Bumblebee Room news

This month the Bumblebee’s have been exploring a number of different topics. We started the month by exploring World Smile Day. Showing the children our teeth as we smiled at them and getting them to smile back at the staff.  They also decorated a big smiley emoji as part of their display.

For World Space Day the children added different felts and textures to their own individual rockets. They also painted and added glitter to their own stars to make shooting stars. The staff then read the Zoom to the Moon book to all of the children. As part of World Space Day, the children sponge painted their own version of the World.

As Halloween is fast approaching the children of the Bumblebee room have been making lots of different ghoul decorations.

They made ghosts out of old toilet rolls and used cut up potatoes to make pumpkin faces which they then added googly eyes to make scary faces.

The children made a spider’s web using different string and wool and then painted paper plates black to make the scary body of the spider. They added legs to their spider to make the scary spiders.

      Ladybird & Butterflies Room news

In this month the children in the Ladybirds and Butterflies room have been exploring a wide scope of topics. We started the month by continuing to talking about the topic “All about me”. The children looked at the importance of brushing their teeth and what happens to our teeth if they are not cleaned properly.

The children took it in turns to put toothpaste onto toothbrushes and practiced brushing our teeth model, making sure that they cleaned all of the teeth especially those at the back of the mouth.

The children continued the theme of “All about me” by looking at and trying new foods out at the nursery. They spoke about the importance of having a healthy diet with a mixture of fruit, vegetables, meats or meat substitutes, carbohydrates and grains.

The children tried out different fruits, vegetables and dips including watermelon, peppers, Kiwi, cucumber, salsa dips, chive dip and breadsticks to name a few. They also enjoyed our new home made cherry and banana waffles (egg free and vegan) .

The staff also spoke to the children about the different allergies that people can have and what can happen to them if they have a particular food.

Space Week

The children have had so much fun decorating their very own astronauts with different types of textures. The children used their fine motor skills to cut up the pieces of textures for their pictures. The staff have been looking at Space this month and showing the children the different planets on the Ipad. They also watched space rockets being launched into space and what talked about why things float when in space.


We’ve cleared our beds and now planted out onions, beetroots, sprouts, peas and cabbages. Cyclamens and winter pansies for colour.

The children have been continuing with their gardening and growing this month, as they have been using their fine motor skills to plant garlic bulbs in small pots and then adding a splash of water to it. The children continued to care for the bulbs by revisited the garlic bulbs and replanting them into larger pots. They have been placed onto our window sill so that can get some sunlight and the children are using their math’s skills to measure the growth of the garlic day by day.

As we are moving into the autumn months the children have been investigating the different colours of autumn. They have been using different coloured and sized leafs to glue onto their hedgehogs to create an autumn scene.

Reptile Day

We had a special visitor this month, Charlotte, the Chef, brought in her bearded dragon. All the children were fascinated with this tiny dinosaur, they watched him have some worms to eat, and then he had a bath with a brush down. The children spent ages watching him and there were lots of questions. Charlotte spoke his habitat and what he likes to do during the day. The children really enjoyed the experience of being up close to a dinosaur.