“Its lovely coming to collect Alfie from nursery, the girls always have such lovely positive things to say about his day and how he has been, what he has learnt, it’s fantastic to hear . They are so in tune with what he has been doing.” Mother of Alfie

“Just want to say a big thanks to the staff as Joseph loves it here. I was worried at first about moving him from a nursery he had been for over a year but he has settled in so well thanks to everyone there. Highly recommend!” Father of Joseph

“Jessica has been attending since May  – she started with 1 day a week but i soon added more days as she seems happy and excited to when she is coming to nursery. Everyone who works at the nursery are so loverly and friendly and they always take the time to tell you how her day has been. Even when they are busy.  The meals always sound amazing and she is always trying something new everyday, i don’t know how the chef makes all of the food fresh everyday! Since starting I have noticed a great progression in Jess, she has started saying a few words but understands a lot more. Her social skills are growing rapidly too. ” Mother of Jessica

“Up to date Monkey Puzzle has been a great nursery for both my son’s aged 2 1/2 and 1 1/2, always welcoming and happy staff on duty. I would recommend and have recommended Monkey Puzzle to other mummies. ” S F (Mother of Child) Review relates to July 2017

“My daughter has been attending the nursery since May this year and I have to say I am so glad we chose this nursery. My daughter is so happy and excited when she arrives at the nursery, sometimes to the point where she doesn’t want to leave! It has only been a couple of months and we have already noticed she has much more confidence and her social skills have excelled.

I was slightly apprehensive choosing a new establishment but when we viewed the nursery, the manager was very accommodating and answered all my questions (there were many questions!). The staff are all very helpful and always giving my daughter lots of attention. Her key worker is very keen and helpful and she is very easy to talk to.
An added bonus to the nursery is the food, which is freshly prepared at the nursery.

I would highly recommend Monkey Puzzle Edenbridge.”  Charlotte H (Mother of Child)

“All the staff are brilliant and very friendly. My daughter absolutely loves going there. I can also see a real progression in her since attending.

She seems very happy and I also love the online updates Monkey Puzzle send me.I would definitely recommend this nursery.” N C (Mother of Child)

“Although we have only been at Monkey Puzzle a few months, my little boy has come on leaps and bounds in the toddler’s room. All the staff are very friendly, warm and caring and I am so happy I chose Monkey Puzzle for my little one.
From the moment I had my show around I knew this was the right nursery for me and Teddy and I am looking forward to the few years of coming here!

Thank you for all your support, kindness and enthusiasm in helping Teddy learn and enjoy his time at Nursery!” Holly (mother of child)

“My son who is now 2 has attended here for nearly a month now from moving him to a nursery that he has been in since he was 8 months old. I was, of course, apprehensive at first at the thought of moving him to a new environment with new people and children, however, the nursery has been absolutely fantastic! Joseph seems happy and has bonded really well with his key worker. His confidence has grown so much as he used to be shy and quiet at his previous nursery. I feel comfortable in knowing he is being well looked after and the staff seem to be really invested in focusing on the learning development of the children within a safe and fun environment. :)” Emma R (Mother of Child)

“I really like the garden as it has a great range of facilities. My son loves it. The staff are really easy to talk to and friendly and my son really gets along with them. I am so glad I chose Monkey Puzzle over the others as my son has settled really well and loves coming here. Keep up the good work” Hannah (Mother of child)

“My son has been attending the nursery for a number of months now and he has settled extremely well. The rooms are always nice and tidy with lots of activities available to them. He has recently started with the extra activities and has been talking about them non-stop. Extremely friendly and welcoming staff who are always available to help and always willing to go the extra mile with both the children and the parents. Overall very happy and would definitely recommend the nursery to friends and family.” Simon (Father of Child)

“I would highly recommend Monkey Puzzle Edenbridge as a nursery. The team working with the under twos show real care and commitment to the development of my daughter. They are excellent at listening to and understanding any concerns, feedback or ideas I have and always give good reports on progress.
The online diary is a lovely way to see her progress and capture moments I wouldn’t otherwise see.
The rest of the team are always warm and welcoming and the place has a great energy to it whilst giving the confidence it is operating to high standards and at a very competitive day rate.
My daughter actually sits by the door with her shoes waiting to leave in the morning so I know she must love her time there!” G Smith (Mother of child)

“My 5-month-old son joined Monkey Puzzle two and a half weeks ago. The staff have made this transition so much easier than I anticipated. I am a first-time mummy and didn’t know how my son or myself would deal with it.

They have been very supportive, open and honest. My son also started weaning before he started, the chef has been very supportive and he loves the vegetables she prepares from him.

I get feedback every day and emails notifying me when a new observation has been uploaded onto his learning journal.
I cannot thank or recommend Monkey Puzzle and its staff enough. They have been brilliant” Kate (Mother of Child)

“Since starting at Monkey Puzzle Edenbridge my son, who was previously with a childminder, just blossomed. He turned from a shy little boy into a confident, school ready four-year-old. I cannot recommend this nursery enough. The staff are kind, passionate and encouraging. They truly made a difference and I can’t thank them enough.” Alyson (Mother of child)

“My son joined the nursery at the end of September and at first, I was a bit nervous leaving him at such a young age. Being a first-time mum, I was apprehensive with leaving him, as I know he can be a bit fussy and play up if he wants to. However, on the initial show around my mind was made up that this is where I wanted to send him. All of the staff were welcoming and so friendly, especially in the baby room. After speaking with the staff in the room and them reassuring me that it is a slow and scary process, I am glad that I took the step and enrolled him. Even though it has been a few weeks now and he is sort of settled, I can still pick up the phone and see how he is doing. They always have him doing different activities and trying new foods which I love. I cannot recommend and thank all the staff at Monkey Puzzle enough.” Sarah (Mother of Child)

“My daughter attended Monkey Puzzle four days a week. She progressed so well and built up good relationships with both children and staff. They were amazing helping get her ready for big school..” Kate (Mother of child)

My daughter is currently there in the pre school class and is due to leave this year to start school and I cant recommend it enough. She goes through stages where she will refuse to eat and they have been amazing and gone out of their way by cooking specific food that she has asked for and will eat. The staff are so lovely and really care about each of the children. They do little events through the year for different occasions and you can go and join in with your child. Just such a sweet little nursery. E. Skorczewski (Mother of Child)

“I think it is a lovely nursery and the staff are amazing. So caring with me and my son.” K Batters (Mother of child)

“My daughter spent 2 years there and did so well….I would highly recommend it.” K Bailey (Mother of Child)

“My daughter went there for 3 years and now my son attends. I couldn’t recommend it enough”. A Hall ( Mother of Child)

“My daughter currently attends and loves it. Definitely recommend it.” A. Mason (Mother of child)

“I’ve heard nothing but good reports from customers of mine.” Edenbridge Errands – Local Business

“My son attended for 2 years and loved it. I would highly recommend it.” Z Banks (Mother of Child)

Thank you for taking such good care of me at nursery. You have helped me settle in and made my mummy feel much better about leaving me while she has to work.

Love from J (child)

Thank you so much for everything you do for Jesse – especially the potty training! We are really grateful to know Jesse is in safe hands with you all at nursery. Rebecca (Mother of Child)

Thank you for all you have done for our son over the years. He’s really come out of his shell since joining the baby room and that’s down to you.

Your hard work is very much appreciated.

Love from Katie (mother of child)

Thank you for looking after me whilst I have been here.

I loved growing up with you and will miss my days at nursery.

Love J (Child)

To all of the team at Monkey Puzzle. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for our son and us int he three years he’d been part of the Monkey Puzzle Community.

Once we knew that our son had joined your nursery, we felt our family had grown bigger with you. You have welcomed us, supported us even through the pandemic and you have helped out son become the thriving pre-schooler he is today.

The jobs you do aren’t just ‘Jobs’, you make a real difference to people’s lives.

We will never forget the incredible part you played in our lives during this time.

All our love C, L & B

Thank you for all the care and support you have shown us over the years. I can’t believe how quickly the last 4 years have passed. Our daughter has learnt so much in this time and we are very proud of her. We will always remember her time with you.

Thank you once again.

Gemma (mother of Child)

To all at Monkey Puzzle, thank you so much for taking care of our little man for almost 3 years and thank you for teaching him so many things  – he will miss you all so much.

Simon (Father of child)